Okay, so I feel like I owe everybody an explanation. Firstly, I mentioned that I would be back in the village soon. I was back in the village - you just didn’t see me. You see, as I am a serial killer everyone in Hollyoaks recognises me.. So I came up with a cunning plan:

Before he and Texas were due to be married, I kidnapped Will. I then stole his suit and wheelchair, and made a mask of his face. I showed up to the wedding in the wheelchair wearing his suit and my custom-made Will mask - noone knew the difference. Then, when I finally got her alone, I threw Texas out of the window. She was pretty shocked to see that 'Will' could walk, but it wasn’t Will, it was me. Clever, right?

So anyway I felt I owed you all an explanation. I realised this might be confusing for you, so I’ve included some photos of me with and without the mask. I’d appreciate it if noone told the police, thanks :)

1 year ago on May 14th | J | 11 notes